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Eric Regehr

I hail from chilly central Saskatchewan, via the balmy Okanagan. By the end of high school, I knew that neither extreme cold nor extreme heat were for me, so the Island seemed the best choice for university life.


Jo McFetridge

I was raised overseas in Australia and Hong Kong. I am a proud former member of the Canadian Forces reserve, having served in the army before joining the Royal Canadian Navy as a bridge officer on Victoria's HMCS MALAHAT.


Jordan Helm

I love Victoria. While I’ve spent some time honing my legal skills abroad, I always knew that I would end up coming home to practice law here in Victoria.


Seth Cooper

I am originally from Edmonton, but I am a long-time resident of Victoria. After graduating from law school at the University of Victoria in 2010, I was involved with the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry in Vancouver, during which time I completed my articles.


We Practice:

Separation, Divorce & Parenting Disputes

There are few things more traumatic in life than a breakdown of a relationship. Aside from the emotional pain, there are many practical issues that spring up – where to live, how to parent, how to divide your property and how to pay for your living expenses. The list goes on and there is no easy path from separation to resolution. At Breakwater Law, we know that not every family breakdown is the same, but we do believe that having a lawyer involved is always a good idea. Some separating couples get along just fine and are pretty much on the same page; they just need some help in ironing out the details and making sure that they have an enforceable and reliable agreement.

ICBC & Personal Injury Claims

Getting injured in a motor vehicle accident or other accident can be devastating. Often, insurance companies will try to get injured people to settle before they are better, without getting legal advice, and for less than they are entitled to.

The lawyers at Breakwater Law know that being injured affects everyone differently. There’s no cookie cutter approach that makes sense for every injured person. We take an individualized and tailored approach to each personal injury case to make sure our clients don’t feel like pieces of meat on a conveyor belt.

Corporate Legal Services

Starting a business, buying or selling a business, raising capital, adding partners or shareholders, negotiating and entering into commercial contracts, dissolving a business: these are some of the typical activities of businesses that can often require the assistance of a lawyer. 
For example, it's almost always a bad idea to purchase a business without having a lawyer conduct some due diligence searches on the business or assets to be bought, and/or enter into a purchase contract without having that contract reviewed by a lawyer.  

Wills & Estate Administration & Litigation

We believe that everyone needs an estate plan. The primary goal of an estate plan is to eliminate or reduce any problems and uncertainties about how your estate will be divided after your death. It is also used to minimize taxes and reduce expenses. 

Good estate planning results in a problem-free transition, which is extremely helpful to those left behind, so that they can focus on resolving their grief rather than resolving legal problems.

We Also Practice:

Child Protection / Criminal / Corporate / Commercial / Personal Injury / Insurance / Wills / Estates Civil litigation / Employment / Real Estate / Public and Administrative Law